Media Research Forum

Media Research Forum (MRF) is a non-profit organization committed to ensure responsible media and empowered audience.

Our Premise

The goals of Media Research Forum (MRF) are based on two premises:

  • All problems are problems of communication and all problems can be solved through communication.
  • The more positive messages are, the more positive people are.

With a strong faith in the impeccable maxim of Thiruvalluvar, “Vices decline and virtues flourish if one utters sweet words with good intentions” (Kural 96), MRF commits itself to accelerate the power of communication and the power of media technologies to bring about positive attitudinal and behavioural changes.

Our Goals

The goals of Media Research Forum (MRF) are based on two premises:

  • To facilitate the mass media in the country to play a vibrant role in the democratic process.
  • To create the agenda for the media in order to bring about positive changes in the overall content of the media.
  • To give a fresh life to indigenous media forms and to create new media forms by combining and converging various media technologies.
  • To enable effective intrapersonal communication and to create attitudinal changes in various categories of people.
  • To promote effective interpersonal communication with a view to strengthen personal bondings.
  • To bring about qualitative changes in the content of the Tamil media by creating necessary resources and organizing trainings and courses.
  • To bring about policy papers on media genres and media content including news, entertainment and advertisements, on rights, privileges and ethics of mediapersons and media institutions.